Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Hundreds attend Leadership Essentials program

Hundreds of leaders from around the South Pacific Division (SPD) and beyond attended an online "Leadership Essentials" program over four days last week.

The Ten: Essential leadership qualities found in biblical leaders

Want to lead? Learn from the blessed.

Leadership learnings

Good leaders are the result of good mentors. Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the importance of leadership development.

South Pacific Division focuses on leadership development

More than 100 senior leaders from several SPD entities and territories recently participated in the second of a series of quarterly leadership development workshops.

Cindy Tutsch talks leadership and ministry

"If the Holy Spirit gifts an individual for a specific leadership role, the rest of us should not stand in the way."

Avondale students attend United Nations symposium

Service learning experience provided a point of difference for 13 students from Avondale College of Higher Education who recently attended a United Nations symposium in Thailand.

Where have all the leaders gone?

What are the reasons that so many young people under thirty-five leave the church? "The youth are reacting against a culture of control."

The Oliver interview—part 2

Dr Barry Oliver, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific, is back in the hot seat to address some of the toughest questions facing our church.

Strength of the church

I am at Camp Howqua in Victoria. It’s early and still dark. I can see a few kangaroos feeding in the mist down by the river.

Pacific island church leaders meet

Seventh-day Adventist leaders from the nations of the South Pacific met at the denomination’s regional headquarters in Sydney today for the annual Pacific Administrators Council.
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