Signs Radio hits 200 episodes

Daniel Kuberek, Pastor Jesse Herford, Zanita Fletcher and Jarrod Stackelroth recording the 200th episode.

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Signs of the Times’ podcast Signs Radio recently celebrated a 200th episode milestone.

Started in 2018 by then-editor Kent Kingston, the podcast has also been hosted by former assistant editor Daniel Kuberek and, more recently, by associate editor Pastor Jesse Herford and assistant editor Zanita Fletcher.

In the 200th episode, the Signs team speaks with Mr Kuberek about his time with the podcast and takes a trip down memory lane of favourite episodes of the past.

Since 2018, more than 200,000 people worldwide have listened to Signs Radio through podcasting apps, YouTube and Faith FM—which plays episodes on its radio program.

“It’s an honour to be able to share conversations we believe are important for building faith, especially as we reach people who are often sceptical about religion in general,” said Pastor Herford.

“Our aim is to share with the world that you don’t need to switch your brain off to be a person of faith. To the contrary, intelligent, thoughtful people often have the most helpful insight into issues of justice, technology, philosophy and spirituality.”

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Watch the 200th episode.
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