Adventist news now available “on-the-go”

Hosts news editor Juliana Muniz and associate editor Danelle Stothers recording Record Wrap’s pilot.

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Adventists in the South Pacific can now listen to their news on Adventist Record’s new podcast, Record Wrap. Launched on March 12, the digestable podcast brings the week’s main headlines from across the South Pacific Division (SPD) and the world in a format that can be accessed “on-the-go”. 

News editor Juliana Muniz explained the podcast complements Record’s existing news platforms. “We’re always exploring new and effective ways to keep our Adventist community informed and connected. Record Wrap complements our existing news channels—print magazine, website, and weekly email newsletter—by offering an audio option for consuming news. It’s designed our for busy lives, enabling our audience to stay updated and feel closer to our church family, wherever they are.”

Hosted by Mrs Muniz alongside a rotating cast of the Record team, each episode also features an interview that provides deeper insights into the main story of the week. “Record Wrap gives us the opportunity to hear from all the different people directly involved in projects from all corners of our division,” Mrs Muniz added.

Record launched its first podcast in July 2023 with the Record Live Podcast—an audio version of the weekly livestream conversation where editor Jarrod Stackelroth and Signs of the Times associate editor Zanita Fletcher talk about articles that have been in the magazine and interview special guests from areas including theology and social issues. 

Adventist Record is always looking for ways to connect new demographics of people to conversations the church is having. While the print magazine is still a valuable asset, not everyone accesses information through that medium,” said Mr Stackelroth. “Our podcasts give people who prefer to get their information audibly in a chance to connect and help to future proof the ministry by exploring new areas of connectivity with church members and others. We are trying to be in different spaces and places to better serve the whole SPD with Adventist news and views.”

You can subscribe and listen to Record’s podcasts on your favourite podcast platform. Get the main headlines with Record Wrap every Tuesday and listen to new discussions on the Record Live Podcast every Friday. You can also watch Record Live in real time on Wednesdays at 4pm, AEST on YouTube, X (formerly known as Twitter) or Facebook.

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