Weet-Bix gets them to school

Ian Steel operates the KickStart for Kids breakfast club in South Australia.

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Sanitarium Health Food Company is making a big impact through its support of food pantries and breakfast clubs.

“Having a bowl of Weet-Bix that my kids can make for themselves helps me to cope, knowing that they’re eating something that is really good for them,” an emotional mother shared with volunteers at the Five Loaves Pantry at Lake Haven, NSW.

It is a scene all too common at food pantries, food relief networks and school breakfast programs across Australia and New Zealand as the rising cost of living and follow-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to cripple many households. 

Foodbank Australia CEO Brianna Casey explains that food relief is an ongoing and critically important part of the solution to the circumstances that put people into food insecurity, such as poverty, domestic violence, housing affordability and under-employment. 

Sanitarium supports Foodbank with donated serves for distribution through the Foodbank nationwide network of food pantries, emergency relief services and 2890 breakfast clubs.

“We all get told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many don’t realise that for some children, it is vital for their learning,” Ms Casey explained. “We know that children feel less hungry, are happier, have more energy and their behaviour improves. Many parents comment that their children’s school performance and attendance improve.” 

Sanitarium is also a supporter of the KickStart for Kids breakfast club in South Australia. Operated by Ian Steel, KickStart coordinates breakfast clubs in 360 South Australian schools. 

“The kids we support live isolated, often transient lifestyles, but sooner or later they end up at a school breakfast club,” Mr Steel said. “Weet-Bix gets them to school and gets them through school. Breakfast club is the one thing they can rely on. 

“Sanitarium is a loyal foundation partner all the way through, especially in these really troubled times. As a charity partner, if we’re ever low on product, I can make a call and know Sanitarium will answer.”

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