Grey Nomads camp a ‘spiritual feast’

Tweed Valley Adventist College choir performing at the Grey Nomads camp.

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Attendees at this year’s Grey Nomads camp at Stuarts Point, North New South Wales, have described it as a spiritual feast.

The theme, “And then the End will Come”, was based on Matthew 24 and 25. “Our hearts were strangely stirred by these very timely messages,” said camp attendee, Pastor Vern Parmenter.

Early morning meetings were well attended as young pastors testified of their love for Christ. The Bible study periods and the evening meetings—presented by Spirit-led preachers Justin Lawman and Ashley Smith—were packed out.

The music was a highlight with several groups leading out—the ukulele band, the brass band and the evening singers accompanied by a double bass, keyboard, guitars and a banjo. Hymns and songs from yesteryear were the favourites.

A special tribute was paid to Pastor John Lang, who passed away only a few weeks before the commencement of camp. Pastor Lang initiated Grey Nomad camps more than 12 years ago and is sadly missed.

The final Sabbath was a special highlight with the Avondale University theology students leading out in Sabbath school. Pastor Lawman preached on the final preparation for Christ’s coming. The afternoon program featured the Tweed Valley Adventist College choir from Murwillumbah. Approximately 80 young people and teachers sang in the church service and took the afternoon meeting.

The final Saturday night was capped off with an amateur hour where anyone who wanted to could perform. Items included skits, instrumental performances, poems and singing.

“It is always sad when something so powerful ends but as they say, ‘All good things must come to an end’,” Pastor Parmenter said. “But there is always next year. And next year promises to be even better. Dr George Knight, well known for his books and study of Church history, will be the main speaker, April 28-May 7, 2023. You won’t want to miss it!”

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