World Changers project going global

Pathfinders using the WC Bibles to study.

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A South Pacific Division project that has been creating disciples throughout the Pacific is going global after the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to take on the rights.

The World Changers Bible Project, an initiative to provide communities access to Bibles, will be taken on by the General Conference. They have copyright and the SPD retains an unrestricted licence to use and develop the product.

“Getting the Bible into the hands of people and giving them the tools to understand it and share the message of Jesus has always been the basis for revival and reformation,” said Pastor Glenn Townend, president of the South Pacific Division, who signed the MOU on March 2. “So sharing the World Changer Bible and its tools with the world church is a wonderful thing.”  

Dr Nick Kross—who spearheaded the World Changers project as SPD Youth director with then associate Youth director Litiana Turner—will present the project to the other Division youth representatives at their next meeting and said he is excited to see the project multiply into other world regions.

“I really believe in the project,” he said. “I really believe that God was behind the thing from the very beginning. We’re not sure that every division will take it up but two or three others have already expressed interest.”

The SPD Youth team have run 60 World Changers launches in every significant city around the SPD during recent years. And the program was about more than just providing Bibles to those who didn’t have access. With bookmark Bible study guides, discipleship tools and a commitment to use their Bible to study with a friend, the World Changers project ensured that the faith developed in reading the Bible would be passed on. And it was, with a number of large baptism events right through the Pacific.  

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