A DIY Christmas that won’t break the bank

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For some, Christmas is about carols, cheesy gifts and . . . too many canapés. We tend to get carried away and overindulge with impact to our wallets and waistlines. So, how can you give this Christmas without the guilt? The answer is simple, and likely found in your pantry—healthy and tasty gifts that won’t break the bank.

For the chocolate lover

Bliss balls are easy to make and often require no cooking. For a DIY Christmas gift with a personal touch you can present them beautifully in a glass jar adorned with festive ribbon.

For the gourmet grazer

There’s nothing better than having a homemade chutney, pickle or relish in the cupboard—great for entertaining, sandwiches or to serve with flavourful curries. This thoughtful gift is surprisingly easy to make—find out their favourite flavours (sweet or savoury) and find a recipe to suit. It’s a long-lasting gift that just keeps on giving.

For the kids

DIY Christmas biscuit jars are a clever gift for kids. It gives them the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and cook up something they’ll love to eat. To make them, simply grab a large jar, layer all the dry ingredients from your favourite biscuit recipe, and then tie on a recipe card. You can also use this method to give treasured family recipes for gingerbread, cakes or muffins.

For the non-foodie

You might have a friend or family member who isn’t a big foodie. Thankfully, you can still find a gift idea in your pantry! A homemade body scrub is cheap, quick and easy and can be completely customised to the recipient. Use brown sugar or sea salt as a base, then add your favourite scents—anything from essential oils to spices. Bind the mix with olive or coconut oil to achieve a smooth consistency.

Easy DIY gifts

Bliss balls. These are simple yet so special. Try mixing cacao powder with your favourite blitzed nuts, nut butter and desiccated coconut for a tasty yet healthy treat, or mix Weet-Bix, sweetened condensed milk, desiccated coconut, cocoa and glazed cherries, coated with chocolate sprinkles, for Christmas-themed delights.

Crafty kids. Making Christmas cards is a great way to keep the kids busy. And, handmade cards are not only great for family but why not go for a stroll and pop them in the neighbours’ letterboxes? The kids will love making their special deliveries and what a wonderful surprise for your neighbours.

Gift of time. Try and find an hour or so to help a family member, friend or even an elderly neighbour. Simply helping with shopping, babysitting, cooking or cleaning can be a most welcomed gift.

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