Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Seeds for today

For centuries, human beings have enjoyed the notion of burying things in time capsules to pull them out again in the future. But have we started to do this with our own faith?

Ageing, retirement and God

Retirement is changing because, in the developed world, we’re living longer. Dr Bruce Manners discusses how we can make the most of the gift of long life.

28 Fundamentals: Radical gardeners

While tithing is important, of greater significance is tending to "the least of these" around us. (Fundamental Belief #21)

But what about tomorrow?

What's more important: being a blessing today or planning for the future?

Single-minded for the kingdom

Six simple steps for singles.


A pink plastic pocket mirror, slightly cracked and even a little dusty: $5. A young girl's first Mother's Day present for her mum: priceless.

Reclaiming Christmas

There seems to be some confusion among Christians, and especially Adventists, about how to celebrate Christmas and what it really means.

Unwrapping the Christmas riddle

If you could give the world just one gift, any gift, what would it be? It’s an obvious question at this time of year. But is it one you’ve thought through? What exactly would you give?

Surfing the gift tsunami

The problem with Christmas gifts is where to put them all.

ADRA issues Christmas challenge

As Christmas gifts and decorations begin to fill store shelves, the CEO of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia is challenging people to remember those families who go without –and give them a reason to celebrate.
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