Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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The paradox of Christmas and Easter

Why does the manger (Jesus' birth) receive so much more attention than the cross (His death and resurrection)?

Hillview Church members reenact the Christmas story to 1500 people

Dressed in period costume, the drama began with an announcement to all citizens (spectators) that they must go to Bethlehem in the upcoming census.

Is Christmas pagan?

Pastor Emanuel Millen busts some myths about the "most wonderful time of the year".

Holidays and sacrifice

A Christmas thought from Pastor Glenn Townend.

SPD staff bring Christmas cheer to kids

Gifts donated by staff were handed out to children at a community event organised by The Way church in Redfern, Sydney.

A veggie Christmas: Your menu guide

Some tasty tips for a very veggie Christmas!

My Ministry: Christmas craft in Cambodia

Elizabeth Waters runs a program where young girls in Cambodia can earn money, keep safe and stay off the streets.

How many wise men were there, and were they really kings?

Many parts of the Christmas story have grown larger over the years. What is the real story of the three kings and what can we take from that story today?

28 Fundamentals: Jesus—An intentional plan

Kesaia Vasutoga says Christmas is the ideal time to look back at the birth of Christ AND forward to His soon return. (Fundamental Belief #4)

Christmas hospitality

A Christmas message from South Pacific Division president Pastor Glenn Townend.
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