Six baptised after week-long evangelistic campaign

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Six young people were baptised on Sabbath, July 27, following a week-long, open-air evangelistic campaign held at Open Bay in the East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea.

The theme of the program was “God’s Redeeming Grace”, with up to 300 audience members gathering every day to hear the story of God’s redeeming power through Jesus Christ.

There were both morning and evening sessions, with district director Pastor Henry Mevat taking the morning programs and area supervisor minister Darian Haru speaking at the evening services.

In the appeal segment, another nine individuals made the decision to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour, including the mother of two brothers, Ezra and Paul, who were baptised.

L-R: Luka Matthew, Aloisia Maitmil, Ezra Masnaraut, Alois Wendry, Anton Bill and Paul Masnaraut.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is gradually gaining momentum in the Open Bay area, despite historically having very low membership due to its remote location.

An awareness of the 2020 Year of Harvest Program for Papua New Guinea has been delivered to all members at Open Bay and Point Mambu areas, and they are looking forward to even better programs next year.

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