A Bible for every Pacific student

Dr Nick Kross is working on the new World Changer Bible (on screen).

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The vision of a Bible for every student at an Adventist school in the Pacific is the impetus for a new “missional” edition of the World Changers Bible.

South Pacific Division (SPD) youth leader Dr Nick Kross has received an order for 50,000 Bibles from the SPD education department to be handed out in Adventist schools in Pacific island nations, and possibly also Australia and New Zealand.

“This is such a great initiative—I believe every child should have their own Bible,” Dr Kross said. “It’s an essential tool for their Bible classes at school.”

This will be the fifth print run of the World Changers Bible, a project launched at the SPD Youth Congress in 2013. The project continues to flourish, with 225,700 Bibles printed to date, including 1200 French World Changers Bibles.

The new edition, currently in production, will have an intentional focus on discipleship. The youth department is also placing a strategic focus on “missional communities” and the World Changers Bible complements this ministry focus area.

“It will still be very useful for one-on-one witnessing; it still has all the information on how to win a soul for Jesus,” Dr Kross explained.

“It will also include an insert for those starting small groups and church plants, and can be used in conjunction with the ‘Pacific Reach’ and ‘Following Jesus’ discipleship training.”

Dr Kross is working towards an overall print run of 150,000 Bibles, which means that local churches have an opportunity to be included in the bulk order, helping to keep costs at a minimum.

The Bibles will cost around $A7 each. They are hard cover and will come with a set of Bible studies. They will be available around the middle of the year.

For more details and to make an order, send an email to Dr Kross: NickKross@adventist.org.au.

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