Sunday, October 25, 2020
Tags World Refugee Day

Tag: World Refugee Day

Statement for 2019 World Refugee Day

Read ADRA's statement for World Refugee Day 2019 and sign the petition to keep four million refugee children in school.

ADRA World Refugee Day statement

In a time of such unprecedented need, it is imperative that we stand united, not in hate and fear, but in love and compassion, to work together to end human suffering around the world.

Escape from Nicaragua

Freddy and his brother reached Honduras believing they had successfully escaped the Nicaraguan civil war. But then a sharp voice barked, “Hey, you! Hands up!”


Could the Australian camps on Manus and Nauru be the concentration camps of the Pacific? James Standish discusses.


Ahmed is a Muslim living in Hobart. He and his family are refugees... just like Jesus was.

Special Sabbath highlights plight of refugees

The General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has designated Sabbath, June 18, as Adventist Church World Refugee Day.
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