Monday, December 16, 2019
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Of truth and good stories

"Maybe it's more important, the Bible suggests, to tell a good story than to get all the facts straight."

Faith-nurturing guide

How to understand and use Ellen White's writings.

Review: As Light Lingers

"As Light Lingers offers a worthwhile reminder of why the Bible matters devotionally and how it can become more important in our daily lives."

Why Rome?

Conspiracy theorists and fringe "fake news" press have questioned why the Seventh-day Adventist Church would hold its Fourth International Bible Conference in Rome. Well, why not?

Justification by faith: Remembering the Reformation

Do we still believe in "the Bible and the Bible only" as the rule of faith?

Listening: the most overlooked spiritual discipline

We feel powerful when we talk; we are powerful when we listen.

The city challenge

It is the big cities that pose the greatest challenge for mission.

The end of Bible prophecy?

Prophet or pretender: What are we to make of Nostradamus' predictions, many of which seem to have come true?

Keys to revival: from Scripture and history (1)

In order to stand up and run, you first have to kneel. Revival begins with prayer.

Children open doors with Bibles

You're never too young to share the Word of God.
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