Review: As Light Lingers

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As Light Lingers: Basking in the Word of God
Nina Atcheson

For many of us, the task of regularly reading the Bible can seem daunting. A New Year’s resolution, preacher or book might inspire us to pick up the Bible again, but our good intentions can drain away too quickly amid our busy lives. As Light Lingers not only offers inspiration—urging the importance of Bible study for a healthy and growing life of faith—it also provides practical and down-to-earth suggestions for integrating the words of the Bible into our life and family.

Australian author Nina Atcheson is a school teacher and curriculum writer by profession. She brings insights from her education background as to how we can best engage with scripture and make it more a part of our daily lives, but she also draws on her own experience as a student of the Bible and a mother who wants the Bible as an integral part of the lives of her children.

Symbolising her personal commitment to the message of the book, the cover photo shows Nina’s own red chair—her place of daily Bible study—albeit photographed in a field near Cooranbong. As Light Lingers shares anecdotes of the Bible changing the dynamics of her home, and examples of how children can also be taught and mentored as they explore and apply the Bible in their own lives. The pull-out bookmark guides in the back of the book are practical aids for readers of all ages experimenting with the suggested Bible-study techniques.

Whatever our experience or current practice of Bible reading and study, As Light Lingers offers a worthwhile reminder of why the Bible matters devotionally and how it can become more important in our daily lives. Even if our Bible-reading habit is going well, we can always try a different approach to help keep it fresh and vibrant. In this way, As Light Lingers offers a boost to our time with the Bible, inviting us again to bask in the reality of God speaking to us today through His Word.

As Light Lingers is available from Adventist bookstores in Australia and New Zealand.

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