Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Tag: Western Australia

Planting a new garden

Like vegetables, there is little we can do to actually "make" disciples. Yet we all play a crucial role in helping them grow.

Doing hard time

When I first saw pastor Ben Tavao, the first thing I noticed was his biceps. They verge on monumental. This is definitely not the guy you’d want to challenge to an arm wrestle—or a fight. But it wasn’t always that way.

Keys to WA growth

The WA Conference is the fastest growing conference in Australia and one of the fastest growing conferences within the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Western world. What has it done to encourage this kind of growth?

WA women flourish through prayer

A recent women's retreat in Western Australia has seen more than 100 women "flourish" through the power of prayer.

ADRA responds to Margaret River fires

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Australia volunteers in Western Australia have assisted more than 400 people affected by last week’s devastating fires in Margaret River, south of Perth.

Chaplains impact university campuses

The missional team of Seventh-day Adventist university chaplains in Western Australia meet regularly, near the Central Business District of Perth, to pray for the growing university campus church planting movement in this State.

New Ministry for Men in Western Australia

The Western Australian (WA) Conference board of directors has recently voted overwhelmingly to initiate a new ministry for men. The role of the men's ministry will be to act as a resource and support church’s and groups who wish to reach men and change th
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