Western Australia first conference to provide assistive listening equipment

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The Western Australian Conference has become the first conference in the South Pacific Division to deliver two new technology systems to assist people with poor hearing.

The first is a free mobile app that can interface with churches’ WiFi to deliver improved audio through members’ personal, Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

“The new WiFi system enables anyone with a smart phone to hear church audio with greatly improved clarity just by downloading a free app and connecting their personal Bluetooth enabled hearing aids,” said Graham Weir, retired hearing rehabilitation specialist. He elaborated that this new system is far superior to old audio loop systems, which are quickly becoming redundant.

The second system purchased by the conference uses individual pocket receivers that are paired with earphones or “neck-loops” for people who don’t have Bluetooth enabled hearing aids.

The new systems were adopted in response to the release of a new booklet written by Mr Weir, entitled How to Equip Your Church or Venue for People with Hearing Problems. Rolled out on July 20, the conference plans to use them at their annual Easter camp and all other conference-wide seminars. Both systems will also be made available to local churches for demonstration programs, and to encourage them to purchase their own systems.

“Mr Weir has provided excellent advice to us as a conference to enable more effective communication of the gospel to an important group of people in our community, and also to enable church members to participate more easily in our worship services and training programs,” said WA Conference president Pastor Steve Goods.

Churches wanting to organise a hands-on demonstration and practical training workshop outside of Sabbath hours can contact Graham and Dianne Weir (gmw@westnet.com.au) or Pastor Goods (stevegoods@adventist.org.au).

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