Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Tag: Tithe

Obedience is legalism . . . wait, that’s faith

There's a story in Genesis that turns the modern idea of legalism on its head.

Cattle on a thousand hills

How a humble garden offers us a glimpse of God's creative power.

‘I took change from the offering basket . . .’

. . . the look on the deacon's face was priceless.

Biblical stewardship insights for pastors and treasurers

Workshops focused on local church bookkeeping processes, including clear and simple biblical teaching on tithes and offerings.

The three Ts: Unlocking the keys to saving the Church

The Adventist Church is in trouble.

SPD Communication Department releases statement on the use of tithe

The South Pacific Division recognises that tithe is God's money to be used only for the purposes outlined in General Conference policy, according to SPD communication director Dr Stephen Currow.

Single-minded for the kingdom

Six simple steps for singles.

Unholy tithe

Is my money undermining everything I stand for?

Small but large

A snapshot of the NZPUC's vast mission field.

Money matters

In order for us to be "cheerful givers", we actually have to give.
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