Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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He’s old, poor and alone

For some of us giving a 10 per cent tithe is hard enough. So how does one old, poor and lonely man manage to give 30 per cent?

Heinz, Kraft, Woolworths, Wrigley and Colgate

When it comes to tithing, what does that 10 per cent really entail?


James Standish wrapped up his tenure as Adventist Record editor on Tuesday. Here are five big ideas he has tried to share through the pages of the magazine over the past five years.

Tithel wave

Statistics on church membership are notoriously unreliable across denominations, including our own in many regions. But there’s a number that no-one overstates: tithe.

GFC may cost Adventist Church millions

The Seventh-day Adventist Church raised $US4 million for youth evangelism and saved nearly $3 million at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, but an economic storm fueled by restive global markets may cost the church millions of dollars.

Tithes and offerings

“It is now time to collect the offering for today, will the deacons please come forward to collect the offering.” It's not really motivating is it? We need to do a better job in encouraging people to give freely and cheerfully.

Changing history one heart at a time

Think of a globe. Divide its circumference into thirds in your mind. And then imagine a division so immense it stretches one-third of the circumference of that globe. That is the South Pacific Division.

E-Giving gets an E-dit

God doesn’t need our money, of course, but we need to give; it’s part of being spiritually healthy. And the new e-giving systems make staying in spiritual shape easier.


There is nothing ordinary about a Christian life well lived—no matter where it occurs.

High tech high school

Mount Diamond Adventist school in Papua New Guinea recently held the nation's first online exam. It's ironic—a place that can be hard to get to physically when it rains, may have better internet access than many locations in Australia.
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