Sunday, October 25, 2020
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A day in the life of a . . . missionary...

Next year will mark 40 years of mission service for Australians Clif and Karen Maberly.

Think&Do in practice: The impact of Avondale’s appeal for research

Avondale’s giving campaign uses a phrase from founder Ellen White to seek support for research that improves lives, but where is the evidence?

A challenging call

God's call to stay is often harder to accept than His call to leave.


Across the South Pacific, Adventist schools are growing in size. The problem is we don't have enough teachers.

Carolyn Sutton talks devotional books

“More souls for the kingdom, Lord, through these stories.”

A day in the life of a . . . school...

Meet Josh Taylor—the man with the "top" job at a school at the bottom of the world.

The place of doctrine and Jesus in Christian faith

"Jesus. All."? Not so fast. As Dr Norman Young writes, "the profound depth of the truth about Jesus cannot be captured in a slogan or a grab-line, no matter how often it is repeated."

Pioneer teacher: Lucy May Beavis (1883-1951)

To spend a full 41-year career entirely in primary classroom teaching is a rare and exceptional achievement.

Record Rewind: One of the good guys

Graham Barnett spent 30 years teaching and ministering to young people before a tragic accident claimed his life.

Hearts for mission

Have you heard of "the Kebun"? Well, he was baptised not too long ago at the age of 105. It's a miracle that probably never would have happened without the work of the Thorpes.
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