Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Large-hearted Christian

Pastor Nelson “Nubby” Burns was no ordinary teacher. He was John Keating (from Dead Poets Society) before John Keating—an unorthodox teacher with the ability to wow and inspire students.

The inspector

Maud Smart was no average teacher. She was "the inspector".


Paul Fua's life has been much like his epic adventure around Australia on a jet ski. There have been many ups and downs, but—by the grace of God—it's been one heck of a good ride.

Adventist school’s new approach to teaching

A Seventh-day Adventist school’s innovative approach to teaching and learning could result in big changes for the rest of New Zealand’s small schools.

Nurses to thank for enrolment gain

The most popular undergraduate course and most postgraduate courses continue to grow as enrolment at Avondale College of Higher Education rebounds from a downturn.

Time to account?

How do we as modern-day disciples measure up to the Biblical model of discipleship?
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