Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Sharing in God’s mission

You have a commitment to your community and a credible grassroots presence; we have a quality evangelistic magazine containing messages of hope—let’s get together!

Human signs

"Whether we like it or not, we are signs of God's work in our lives," writes Pastor Glenn Townend.

New book recalculates the value of giving

"God is so compassionate to our human way of thinking that He often describes giving from a consumer perspective—what’s in it for me," says author Dr Ken Long.

New resources meet desperate need for Bibles in the Pacific Islands

250,000 copies containing the books of Mark, John and Acts have been printed to be distributed in time for Papua New Guinea for Christ in May.

The forgotten sign

The world is becoming less peaceful. However, Pastor Travis Manners says there is something more to worry about than violence and terrorism.

‘Take Me to the San’ book launch for San homecoming weekend

More than 16 years in the making, the new book contains honest and inspirational stories from 12 contributors who have significantly impacted the San's mission and culture over the years.

New 5-Star Signs project launched

Signs of the Times' new "Community Connection" 5-Star Project will reduce the annual cost of Signs magazine from $26 to $20 for those involved in community projects.

Spiritual glasses

There are many shapes and styles of glasses, but what is their purpose?

Marmite and the second coming

You may have heard (and many of you will be experiencing) that New Zealand is having a Marmite drought due to production stopping while Sanitarium repairs damage sustained during the Christchurch earthquake.

15,000 Signs into letterboxes

More than 15,000 Signs of the Times Magazines along with an offer of a free copy of Great Controversy are about to go into the letterboxes in some New South Wales postcodes.
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