Friday, September 25, 2020
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Moments with God II

A further exploration of creative talent within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Moments with God

A showcase of creative talent from across the South Pacific.

Excuses excuses

People may spend their lives believing they're boring or uninspired because they're "not creative". This is evidence that as Christians, we have forgotten who we are. 

Gift from General Conference unveiled in Sydney

A new portrait depicting the Second Coming of Christ was unveiled today at the headquarters of the South Pacific Division (SPD) in Wahroonga, NSW.


Authorship determines value.

The Stop of the 95 Theses

In the Lutherhaus in Wittenberg hangs a painting by Julius Hubner. It depicts the day Martin Luther marched to the doors of the Castle Cathedral. There he nailed 95 objections to the selling of indulgences and the assumed role of the Pope.

The human touch

An artist who spends more time with the subject of a painted portrait reveals more about the subject’s character, doctoral research by an Avondale lecturer shows.

Avondale art lecturer goes for gold

An Avondale College lecturer is painting a Paralympic gold medallist for two of Australia’s most prestigious art prizes.

The light is important: artist profile

Melvin Duffy is a multi-award winning landscape artist participating in the upcoming Breath exhibition, part of the Manifest Creative Arts Festival, being held at Avondale College of Higher Education, Cooranbong, NSW.

Andy makes semis with Lindy

A painting by an Avondale lecturer of the subject of one of Australia’s most publicised legal cases is shortlisted for the world’s richest portrait prize.
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