A day in the life of an . . . editor

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Name: Jarrod Stackelroth
Job: Editor, Adventist Record
Where: Adventist Media, Wahroonga NSW

What’s a typical day for you?

A typical day is in the office. I check emails, see what news has come in, and respond to readers and writers. I spend time on editing and layout as well as writing news and editorials, and uploading stories for the website. I love getting out of the office (on a non-typical day) and attending events or meetings or ministries and being able to write about those experiences.

How long have you been in your role, and how have you changed over the years?

I’ve been editor for three years. I believe my writing has continued to grow and mature. I’ve set some goals and seen them achieved.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned?

My mum taught me this one. Work for God, not people. That way you’ll never get disillusioned.

What led you to this job?

I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up but I always loved reading and had an aptitude for writing. As a boy I prayed that God would use me where He wanted me. And through a number of amazing (to me) circumstances, here I am.

Best thing about your job?

I love hearing amazing stories about what God is doing in the South Pacific. I’m inspired when I meet our readers as I travel. They do amazing things and have amazing testimonies. It’s also great to work in a calm, gracious, Christian environment. Mainstream news rooms can be crazy, competitive places.

What qualifications do you need for this job?

A love of stories, a critical eye for good writing, a flair for language, a love of God and the South Pacific community of Seventh-day Adventists. It helps to have broad general know-ledge and an interest in world events. A writing degree would also help.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

The world is incredibly polarised. So, it seems is the Church. We need to find balance and strike a healthy, conversational tone. It’s hard to find the right language and to challenge everyone including yourself, rather than just relaying what matters to you. It is an ever-present need to balance competing agendas and help the Church move forward together.

How do you share Jesus in your job (other than writing about Him)?

I love mentoring others to help them share Jesus more effectively, in writing or life in general. I also enjoy preaching from time to time. Even just sharing my job with strangers is a witness because it’s not the answer they expect. I value authenticity and openness very much and try to model that in my writing, speaking and living.

What’s something surprising people don’t know about your job?

There is heaps of correspondence. The job is not just writing and editing; there are a lot of emails. The other surprising thing is the size of the team. There are only really two of us that work on Record full time (although many other people contribute). We get a lot done!

Any advice for future editors?

Be true to yourself. Every editor (and I’ve worked under a few) will bring something different to the table. Work out what your style is and then nail that, while also working on your weaknesses. Put God first and treat people like they’re made in His image and everything else should fall into place.

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