Friday, October 23, 2020
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Tag: John Carter

Seeking God in communist Russia

How a little nine-year-old girl found God in Russia.

Carter evangelism results in more than 650 baptisms

Australian-born evangelist Pastor John Carter recently conducted two very different back-to-back evangelistic programs in two very different countries, Cuba and Ukraine.

More than 4800 baptised in El Salvador

It’s the largest stadium in Central America and home of the El Salvador football team. But the 52,000 people who gathered in Estadio Cuscatlan on November 26 weren't there to watch football.

2750 baptised at PNG evangelistic campaign

Appoximately 2750 people were baptised at an Adventist evangelistic campaign in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG) last Sabbath (August 11).

Record numbers at PNG evangelistic campaign

More than 100,000 people attended an Adventist evangelistic campaign in Papua New Guinea last night, according to organisers of the event.

23,000 attend Adventist meeting

An evangelistic campaign in Honiara on Saturday night had the largest-ever attendance at an Adventist program in the Solomon Islands.

Australian baptises hundreds in South Africa

Australian born evangelist John Carter has already started baptising many of the 900 people who have already asked to be Adventist Christians in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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