Saturday, June 19, 2021
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The Angel of the Lord

Whenever the name “angel” is mentioned, does this refer only to one of the created heavenly beings we picture in our minds; one of God’s messengers sent to this world to carry out His will? Or could it refer to someone else? 

Living Kingdom: Stretched for His kingdom

The parable of the new wineskins is more than just about wine and wineskins. It’s about Jesus, the kingdom of heaven and me.

Reading Scripture well

Are you reading rationally or relationally?

Should we ask God to forgive our sins?

Reconsidering how forgiveness really works.

Living Kingdom: Tantrums, traffic and telemarketers

We must be intentional about slowing down the pace of our lives so that we can reorder our priorities and live out the greatest commandment.

Pulling Jesus’ teeth: do we try to tame the Lion of...

For many of us, Jesus is either soft and safe or flipping over tables. We struggle to hold the two in tension.

Precious freedom

SPD president Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the many Adventists being persecuted around the world, and how we take freedom for granted.

Living Kingdom: What am I worth?

According to Olivia Fairfax, pride and self-deprecation are not as dissimilar as one might originally think . . .

A crazy man is sane and all your pigs are dead

A great lesson from a story in which a man possessed by demons meets Jesus.

What in the Word: Hope

Dr David Thiele explores the origin and meanings of the word hope.
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