Hillview church demystifies Trinity concept in children’s program

In a mock laboratory setting, children’s ministry leader Bev Christian illustrated the idea of unity in diversity.

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Aiming to make theology approachable for children, Hillview Church in Morisset (NSW) conducted a church service on June 18 exploring the concept of the Trinity or the idea that God is simultaneously Three in One. Themed 1+1+1=1, the program, led by children’s ministry leader Bev Christian and assisted by Tiani Page, used simple and relatable object lessons to convey the complex idea to the young audience.

The program was opened by a family of three, symbolising the essence of the day’s theme. On the same note, Ms Christian took a moment to recognise Lenora and Trevor Hurlow, church members and parents of adult triplets, whose family dynamics resonated with the concept of the Trinity.

As part of the program, Ms Christian created a mock laboratory setting to help illustrate the idea of unity in diversity. Using water, steam, and ice—all different forms of the same molecule—she demonstrated the concept of separate entities being fundamentally interconnected.

“Through this demonstration, the children began to grasp that the mystery of God surpasses human comprehension, for He is infinitely greater than our limited understanding,” said church member Mary Fedorow.

The program continued with a variety of object lessons demonstrating the theological principle that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are distinct yet one, a concept symbolised by the concept 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.

Reflecting on the program, church member Lynelle Chester expressed her admiration for Ms Christian’s clever approach. She recognised Ms Christian’s detailed planning and “the distinctive way she used the children to convey the profound message of God’s mystery–the coexistence of three persons in one divine being.

“The Kids’ Church program at Hillview was an enlightening and inspiring experience for both children and adults alike,” said Ms Fedorow.

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