Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Tag: isolation

Challenging mental health

COVID-19 has created mental health challenges for all of us. Glenn Townend explores some biblical precedents.

Back to church

A return to "normal" doesn't mean we should revert back to doing things the same way.

The Ten: Bible characters who spent significant time alone

#isolife for some of these Bible heroes was no walk in the park. It was a wander in the desert . . .

How we read the Bible in 90 days

Three Avondale theology alumni found that distance was no barrier to read the whole Bible together in 90 days.

There is sunshine in my soul today

"Happy" Sabbath? Hardly. The fact is going to church on a Sabbath morning can be a very harrowing experience.

Exploring equality

What's more important: uniformity or diversity?

The race nobody wins

The bright lights of the big city? No thanks. Give me the stars, the silence, and the sounds of the bush.

Train up a child . . .

As Adventist parents we face some difficult educational choices.
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