Monday, January 18, 2021
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Get real

Movies provide us with a fantastic experience. What Jesus offers us is so much better.

28 Fundamentals: The why thousand years

Scott Wegener explores the reasons behind our upcoming 1000-year stopover in heaven. (Fundamental Belief #27)

Victory day

It seemed like the most embarrassing day of his life, but now it is one James Standish hopes to relive, after the ultimate victory day.

Holly Christmas

If you want to get to Pieville you’ll need a good GPS. That, or a bloodhound. I recommend the latter because if you arrive...

Time to celebrate

One gold medal literally stopped an entire nation. But that celebration is nothing compared to the rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents.

The incidental evangelist

James Standish was in the middle of an in-flight movie when he heard a voice: "Take off the headphones and talk." He didn't have to wonder Who it was.

How the story ends

Our hope of heaven should inspire us to live better lives today.

Let the children

Jesus loves the little children . . .

Six years

“So what’s it like having a dead dad?” It's not a question you want to be asked shortly after losing your father.

The journey home

One night many years ago, Coral had a dream . . . or perhaps you could call it a nightmare. She dreamed Heaven's gates slammed shut in her face. "This is not for you," a voice told her.
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