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During my recent holiday, I had the privilege of visiting Universal Studios in Hollywood.

This was an amazing experience—seeing how humans can develop scenes that look so real. There’s a wall that looks like a full house; rushing water that looks like an impending flood. There are rides that use sounds, wind and animated pictures that make you feel like you are travelling in space and yet you are just in a room.

Universal Studios was indeed amazing, but all these innovative ideas have been put into play in order to trick the audience into thinking that what they see is real. And people love it, because movies and animated films take them on magical adventures and awesome journeys that one can only dream about. Lots of people enjoy living in this fantasy.

Jesus offered to give us life to its fullest in John 10:10. It is a real life and not fantasy. Jesus offered us joy, peace, rest, happiness, long-suffering, goodness, purpose, etcetera.

In fact, Jesus has a plan for each one of us. That plan is not to harm us but for us to prosper. The life that He promised in John 10:10 may not be as glamorous or luxurious as a Hollywood life—it may not even be as comfortable. But it will definitely be packed with unforgettable adventures, memorable journeys and true joy, satisfaction and peace.

I want to live life to the fullest in 2019 and to one day be in that wonderful place called heaven that no man or machine can ever fully reproduce or even comprehend.

And guess what, it’s all real! I hope you too will make the decision to claim the life that Jesus offered for you in this life and for eternity. Blessings for this year, 2019.

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga is president of the Trans Pacific Union Mission.

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