Once upon a starry night

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Once upon a starry night
In Bethlehem of old
Some shepherds watching o’er their flocks
Although the night was dark and cold

When in the east a star appeared 
Which caught the watchers eye, 
And as they gazed it brighter grew
‘Til it was close nearby. 

As wonder grew fear gripped their hearts
And then in quite melodius voice was heard
Fear not, for unto you this night
And then the star came to its rest 
Above a stable behind the inn, 
To where the shepherds gathered round
And Joseph let them in. 

And there they bowed and worshipped 
Beneath that Heavenly Light, 
The Saviour in a manger
Once upon a starry night. 

Then three magi came in from the East
For they had seen the star, 
And followed it to Bethlehem
They had come from lands afar. 

They brought with them gifts fit for a King
Gold, frankincense and myrrh, 
And bowed and worshipped before the child
In that stable where they were. 

And the angels hovered around the child
And gloried at the sight, 
Of Earth’s redeemer born to reign
Once upon a starry night. 

Barry McGuire wrote this poem in November 2007 from Scottsdale in Tasmania

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