Monday, November 30, 2020
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Tag: General Conference


Pastor Glenn Townend has recently grown his first beard. Other church leaders are doing the same. Why?

Attendees gain insights into new digital ideas for outreach

Adventists from the South Pacific Division were among the 250 attendees at the 2018 Global Adventist Internet Network conference held last week in South Korea.

Musicians needed for next General Conference session

If you love to worship God through the medium of music (and you'd like to visit the USA!) this invitation is for you.

A good investment decision for a nuclear age

Weapons of war are now off the list of investment possibilities for the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. But why were they on the list in the first place? Why is this decision significant? Pastor Bruce Manners discusses.

Geoscience Research Institute film now multilingual

The Institute has released Spanish, French and Portuguese versions of its popular Living Waters film, in the hopes it will be a witnessing tool for Christians worldwide.

What does the Union do?

What actually is the Australian Union Conference? Do we even need it?

South Pacific Adventist youth challenged to ‘be the sermon’

Adventist youth around the South Pacific Division accept the General Conference challenge.

Record Rewind: Dr Rabbit

Remembering Eric Burnham Hare—missionary, leader, storyteller.

Carolyn Sutton talks devotional books

“More souls for the kingdom, Lord, through these stories.”

My Story: The man whose faithful influence defined my life

After 20 years, David de Klerk finally got to say thanks to the man whom Jesus used "so definitively in my life".
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