TPUM president’s visit to Kiribati strengthens Church and community ties

Pastor Maveni Kaufononga and his wife Anne with Kiribati president Taneti Maamau.

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Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) president Pastor Maveni Kaufononga visited Kiribati from May 30 to June 6, to participate in the Kiribati Mission mid-year Executive meetings.

The week-long visit aimed to empower mission workers and church members, featuring visits to four preschools in South Tarawa. Pastor Kaufononga distributed 65-inch TV screens donated by the General Conference to each preschool. These preschools are known for having the highest enrolments in Kiribati.

He was accompanied by his wife Anne and welcomed by the Kiribati Mission president Pastor Taabua Rokeatau and his wife Raobe, along with local church ministers and mission staff in South Tarawa.

Aligning with this year’s theme, “I Will Go to My Workplace,” Pastor Kaufononga led the Kiribati Mission administration team in visits to key government offices. They met with the president of Kiribati Taneti Maamau, the speaker of the parliament and the chief registrar of the judiciary.

“The purpose of these visits was to thank the government for its support and to discuss the Church’s essential services to the people of Kiribati,“ said Pastor Rokeatau.

Mr Maamau and his wife, Teiraeng Tentoa, joined a combined worship service led by Pastor Kaufononga at Animarao Junior Secondary School hall. Mr Maamau expressed his appreciation for the Church’s contributions to health and education in the nation. He noted that several cabinet members are alumni of Kauma Adventist School.

Pastor Kaufononga and his wife were honoured with a state dinner hosted by Mr Maamau. “Kiribati values your visit to the Adventist Church in Kiribati, not only for church members but for the people and the government of Kiribati,” said the nation’s president. Pastor Kaufononga responded, expressing his gratitude for the invitation and emphasising the Church’s commitment to the principles of God’s commandments.

The visit concluded with a farewell event hosted by the Kiribati Mission staff and local church representatives in South Tarawa.

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