Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Tags Forgiveness

Tag: forgiveness

God created sexuality

For some reason I have always cringed when the topic of sex arises.

Fig trees

It seems that the most dangerous thing to be around Jesus is an empty fig tree in leaf.

Thieves and rust

I was angry. I felt violated, anxious, vexed, vengeful, helpless and disbelieving all at the same time. We had been robbed.

Unchained by love

I have a question. What strongholds do you have in your life that give the devil a foothold?

Saved to serve

Jesus cares about the people He encounters, not just their spiritual needs but their physical needs as well.

Respect for women

I come from the populous and volatile Highlands region of Papua New Guinea, where polygamy is a norm of the society. In this region, the practice of polygamy is associated with power, wealth, fame and influence. Generally, women are considered less import
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