Friday, September 25, 2020
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Not the end of the story

Aaron had hit rockbottom, and then the bottom gave way again. He was paying for sex, and had given up. Then a Baby came into his life.

Siege survivor to speak at family conference

Lindt Café siege survivor Louisa Hope is guest speaker at the 2016 National Christian Family Conference to be held in Wahroonga, Sydney, next month.

Scrubbing for God

“You will have to let me undress you,” said the lion Aslan to the boy-turned-dragon Eustace. We can Scrubb all we want, but only Jesus can remove the stains.

Healing the scars of war

Never underestimate the power of reconciliation. It stops conflicts, heals hearts and changes lives.

When we fall away

Have you ever done a Peter—made a bold proclamation for God and then completely blown it?

The Lord’s prayer

Our Father in heaven . . . Abba, Daddy. Your Name is so high and so holy but You’re closer than our pulsing hearts. May we uphold both Your holiness and Your closeness in our prayer.

Ex-gangster facilitates reconciliation

Newly-baptised Adventist man Sam Oivo has used his influence as a former criminal ringleader in Papua New Guinea to bring three local gangs together with community leaders in a reconciliation ceremony.

What’s the connection between spiritual and mental health?

Rest, plant-based meals, time in communion with Him—all of these things are gifts from God and evidence of His concern for our health.

2000 Adventist couples renew wedding vows

A record 2000 Seventh-day Adventist couples from across Jamaica renewed their marital vows at a gathering where they learned that the keys to a successful marriage are humility and the full surrender of self to God.

Three years of forever

Jarrod Stackelroth reflects on three happy—and hard—years of marriage.
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