Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Viral forgiveness

It's not everyday an Adventist video goes viral on social media.

‘I wouldn’t be here if I had not forgiven’

Junior Sulusi's story is heavy and heartbreaking. Perhaps that's why it's been able to reach more than 2.4 million people on Facebook.

Review: Forgive to Live

The Bible teaches the importance of forgiveness for living faithfully and well, but what difference can forgiveness actually make in our lives, spiritually, emotionally and even physically?

New health program highlights the power of forgiveness

A new program demonstrating the life-changing power of forgiveness was launched at health summits in New Zealand and Australia over the past two weekends.

My ministry—Church in the park

Not content to wait for the homeless, unemployed and unkempt to walk through the front door, an Adventist church in Fiji have taken their worship services to the streets.

Review: No Heil Hitler!

Forgiveness triumphs over darkness in Polish pastor’s memoir.

Forgiveness the focus of family conference

Forgiveness was the theme of this year’s National Christian Family Conference held at the Clinical Education Centre on the Sydney Adventist Hospital campus at Wahroonga.

Not the end of the story

Aaron had hit rockbottom, and then the bottom gave way again. He was paying for sex, and had given up. Then a Baby came into his life.

Siege survivor to speak at family conference

Lindt Café siege survivor Louisa Hope is guest speaker at the 2016 National Christian Family Conference to be held in Wahroonga, Sydney, next month.

Scrubbing for God

“You will have to let me undress you,” said the lion Aslan to the boy-turned-dragon Eustace. We can Scrubb all we want, but only Jesus can remove the stains.
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