Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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The Ten: Most popular articles of 2019

An inside scoop on the stories that captured your attention this past year.

Adventists and Lutherans share combined Easter service

More than 700 Adventists and Lutherans shared a combined Easter Friday service at this year's South Australian Conference Big Camp.

The Easter song

Pastor Glenn Townend reflects on the most significant Easter song ever written.

Is Easter pagan?

Examining the holiday's myths and misinformation.

Special gift for Easter babies

The San's Help Team volunteers have lovingly knitted booties for babies born over the Easter weekend.

Baptisms a highlight for Samoan Easter camp

More than 500 Samoans from across New South Wales came together over the Easter weekend as part of a vision to continue to bring the Samoan Adventist community together.

28 Fundamentals: Quadratic equations and Jesus

Jesus’ Life + Death = Salvation. It's a formula we often speak about, yet one that is incomplete. (Fundamental Belief #9)

Special gift for San Easter babies

Knitted by the hospital's volunteers, the bunny booties are a reminder that Easter is about rejuvenation and new life.

Humble God

Jesus was naked on the cross. They never show that in the church-authorised depictions. It begs the question: have we Christians failed to recognise the radical nature of the jagged descent Jesus chose to make?

The ‘irrelevant’ commandment

"You shall have no other gods before me." In an age where golden statues and cats are no longer revered like they once were, surely this commandment should be the easiest to keep. Think again.
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