WA church shares hope with neighbours

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Broome church in Western Australia shared the message that “hope lives” with their neighbours this Easter. Gift packs were dropped on the doorsteps of all houses in the neighbourhood of their church building. The pack included a letter, Easter reading guide and a Woolworths gift card.
The Eddy family, who live next door to the church, also put the message up in lights on their fence.
The Eddy’s front fence.
“Our church made the decision last year to really focus on connecting with our physical neighbours,” explains Jody Eddy, pastor of the Broome and Derby churches. “We have run some events in the local park where we provide a BBQ meal and games for the kids. We were planning on running an Easter event in the park and obviously couldn’t due to restrictions but still wanted to do something to show we care.”

“I had neighbours contact me on our local fb page to thank the church for the gift, when we’ve been in our yard other neighbours have called out thanks, and one person sent me a text thanking us for the thoughtful gesture and sharing how they appreciate our continual efforts to bring unity to our community.”

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