Prime Minister James Marape shares message of hope at Easter

Prime Minister James Marape.

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Over the Easter weekend, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape released a message encouraging the nation to “reflect on Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection” and shared his intentions to improve the country’s weak health sector.

“I want to encourage everyone to reflect this Easter by looking at Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection to bring hope back that there is Eternal life to gain when we stay faithful Christians,” Mr Marape said.

Battling a COVID-19 outbreak in the country, Mr Marape said the government is doing its best to provide services during this challenging time, and encouraged citizens to reflect on the hope that Jesus’ sacrifice brings.

“We [are working] on our long-term economic restructuring and other public service deliverables amid the present challenges,” he said. “So have hope and be of good cheer.”

“For some of us, this Easter comes up with pains of death including COVID-19 induced deaths. While sickness and death is not pleasant, Easter, which points to the death of Jesus Christ, also tells of His resurrection that gives hope in the face of death,” he added.

Mr Marape said the challenges of COVID-19 are a sign of Jesus’ soon return.

“Read Matthew 24 verse 8, which includes pestilences as a sign of His soon return. I ask you all to embrace the hope of life Easter points to us. I ask our citizens to take these moments of the COVID-19 isolation time to re-think about your own life and your responsibilities to God, your family and your country.”

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