Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Households of Faith thriving in New Zealand

A small groups initiative is bringing people to Jesus in the south island of New Zealand.

Church membership hits 600,000

Despite the encouraging growth, statistics reveal that for every 3.7 people who joined the Church, one left.

Missionary-minded teacher reaches his community

In his spare time, school teacher Steven Masu walks along the Ramu River sharing Jesus with local communities.

Many discovering the truth through Discovery Bible Reading

Members of a Papua New Guinea fellowship group gratefully received 53 World Changers Bibles recently.

New church plants reach secular community in New Caledonia

The local church is now completely run by lay members and church elders, which is rapidly furthering the gospel message.

Bougainville Mission celebrates surge in numbers during COVID-19

There have been more converts and church plants during COVID-19 than in previous years when times have been "normal".

Adventist message spreads quickly across PNG through small groups

Each small group conducts Discovery Bible Reading multiple times per week, attracting dozens of new people.

Young people get baptised amidst COVID-19 epidemic

The baptisms are a result of World Changers Discovery Bible Reading programs and the effort of young missionaries in the Sepik Mission of Papua New Guinea.

New resources meet desperate need for Bibles in the Pacific Islands

250,000 copies containing the books of Mark, John and Acts have been printed to be distributed in time for Papua New Guinea for Christ in May.

Rapid growth in Papua New Guinea results in more than 700...

The rapid growth is largely thanks to the implementation of Discovery Bible Reading and branch Sabbath school initiatives.
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