Book review: Movement

Movement by Garry Laukei

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Cultivation and Multiplying Disciple-making Movements by Garry Laukei

Movement is a must read! Clear, practical, encouraging, challenging, compelling, and inspiring, Pastor Garry Laukei’s commitment to multiplying disciple-making movements and his wide practical experience shine through the insights and stories of this book. 

As an experienced Papua New Guinean pastor, district leader and Mission president, he had for 30 years heard the slogans and focus on church buildings and mission stations. But then he says, “in 2018 I was really pushed out of my traditional way of ministry.” He describes the major revolutionary shift made between 2018 and 2021 when the church moved to intentionally equip believers for disciple-making—resulting in thousands of new churches being planted across Papua New Guinea during the COVID pandemic lockdown.

In Movement, Pastor Laukei shares his excitement with what took place. He tells the stories of many other leaders and believers also involved in this movement, and writes: “In this book, I want to share with you how simple, enjoyable and satisfying it is to follow Jesus’ method of disciple-making and movement building.” He wants us to experience what they have experienced! 

Pastor Laukei also provides an outline of the process of cultivating a movement—key principles and practices, an affirmation of the two historic events that undergird all movements, one chapter entitled “Removing barriers to movement building” and another “Measuring the growth of movements,” as well as four practical sections unpacking: (1) Preparation for movement building, (2) Foundations for movement building, (3) Equipping for movement building, and (4) Leadership multiplication for movement building.

Jesus’ method of faith-sharing and disciple-making is foundational to Pastor Laukei’s writing, life and ministry. Currently serving as a university and secondary college chaplain, he now spends most of his time training Christian students to be involved in making other disciples. Discovery Bible Reading is the main method used for students to discover Jesus and apply the Bible to their lives—and they can start sharing their faith immediately. Pastor Laukei enriches his writing with stories of members and leaders involved in mission. In this way, Movement will be a handbook for movement leaders!

Movement is available from Adventist bookshops in Australia and New Zealalnd, or online.

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