Christmas service reflects on the hope of the Messiah

(Photo credit: Ann Stafford)

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Hillview Adventist Church’s (Morisset, NSW) traditional Christmas service brought a special reflection for church members and the community on Sabbath, December 24.

Themed “God is a Promise Keeper”, the program was scripted by church member Bev Christian and, with the help of costumed actors, portrayed the troubled conditions of Bible times, which led up to the coming of the promised Messiah.

In the second act, the play brought the perspective of troubles faced in current times, emphasising the hope of the second coming of Jesus.

“God did not abandon His people who were waiting with longing for the coming of the Messiah. Neither has He abandoned us who are looking for His return,” said Hillview communication secretary Mary Fedorow.

Music and special items were interspersed throughout the program. The congregation were especially delighted to see the young children dressed as angels.

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