Thursday, August 13, 2020
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The refugees in our family

You've seen their photo in the news. Now, discover how this family's search for freedom led them to an Adventist faith community.

Adventist school gets top marks for kindness

Brisbane Adventist College is aiming to be the kindest school in Brisbane—if not the world!

Adventist students help restore Batuna landmark

A group of young people helped restore this historic Solomon Islands church in Batuna. 

BAC students minister in Solomon Islands

Fourteen students from Brisbane Adventist College were able to experience first-hand ministry on their recent Sonship Mission trip to Solomon Islands.

Response to article in The Australian

A statement from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in response to an article published in The Australian this past weekend on a case of abuse at Brisbane Adventist College.

Students awarded $A5000 for mission trip

Danika Poland and Sania Alamate, prefects at Brisbane Adventist College (BAC), have been awarded grants to participate in a mission trip to the Solomon Islands in 2014.

Adventist bitten by deadly snake in Nepal

An Adventist woman is recovering in hospital after being bitten by a venomous snake in Nepal.

Australian PM visits Adventist College

Come-BAC Kidd: Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pays a visit to Brisbane Adventist College as part of his election campaign, launching a new $A450m pledge for out of hours school care.

100 sign for prophecy seminars over dinner

Beyond presenter, Pastor Geoff Youlden, hosted a formal dinner recently designed to encourage the guests to attend local prophecy seminars.

Students depend on God

Christianity became more real for students from Brisbane Adventist College on a recent Sonship mission trip to the Solomon Islands.
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