Adventist school gets top marks for kindness

Students were challenged to come up with a kindness-inspired project.

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Brisbane Adventist College is aiming to be the kindest school in Brisbane—if not the world!

In the lead-up to the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (March 15), students were challenged to look for new and innovative ways of permeating kindness throughout the Queensland school’s culture.

“This is not just the kindest school in a fake marketing way,” said principal Leanne Entermann, “but for real.

“We want kindness to be who we are: an experience for every person, every day of the school year.” [pullquote]

The Principal’s $1000 Challenge is one way the school is driving change from the ground up. The challenge required students to come up with a concept, develop a proposal and apply for school funding for their project. They were assigned a mentor to help them bring their proposition to fruition. Some of the projects included a podcast, a large kindness-inspired mural and a kindness-themed classroom.

Mrs Entermann said much of popular culture today tells children that they have to be tough to be cool.

“In that kind of environment, it takes courage to be kind every single time a child come into contact with others,” she said.

“It’s hard to stand up to friends who think it’s funny to make fun of someone, or when your peer group wants to exclude someone who’s different in some way. It’s ‘uncool’ to make a scene.

“By changing these attitudes—by practising kindness on a daily basis—it becomes our way of being. It becomes part of who we are; overpowering the tough, cool image and becoming an indelible component of each and every character that we nurture in this environment.”

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