Sunday, July 12, 2020
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In His image

A young woman's reflection on body image, beauty and being a blessing to others.

Bee prayerful

Pastor Marius Jigau thought he had struck gold with his beekeeping/honey-giving ministry. An unexpected turn of events, however, would send him to his knees.

The Ten: Top financial tips from the Bible

NKJV Gift Bible: $12.99. Financial advice found in the Word of God: Priceless.

Fast-moving pilgrims

"This world is not [our] home; [we're] just a-passing through."

A day in the life of a . . . health...

Lagani Gairo takes us behind the scenes of the Seventh-day Adventist Church's ACA Health Benefits Fund.

Cattle on a thousand hills

How a humble garden offers us a glimpse of God's creative power.

28 Fundamentals: Radical gardeners

While tithing is important, of greater significance is tending to "the least of these" around us. (Fundamental Belief #21)

The blessed commandment

There is more to keeping the Sabbath than you might think.

He’s old, poor and alone

For some of us giving a 10 per cent tithe is hard enough. So how does one old, poor and lonely man manage to give 30 per cent?

Blessed to blind

Are your blessings from God or from Satan?
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