Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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350 young adults converge to praise God and be inspired

The annual camp is promoted as a time to “come hang out with Jesus and your mates!”

Adventists urged to make submission to religious freedom review

The AUC is preparing its own submission but is also urging church members to have their say.

Churches fight to maintain employment rights

The right of religious groups to refuse employment to gays or people in defacto relationships is under question, as the Australian Government looks at simplifying anti-discrimination laws into a single Act.

Help needed to reclaim missing members

The President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Australia is urging members to share their perspectives and ideas on why people leave church and how to most effectively invite them back.

Graduates Baptise Nine

Ten church members graduating from a pastoral assistant course have baptised nine people during their traineeship. Pastor Chester Stanley congratulated the course participants, which came from five states of Australia. It was the first graduation of the n

Call to end violence against women & girls

Seventh-day Adventists meeting at the five yearly constituency meetings in Melbourne are fed up, and are calling for all Australians to END IT NOW.

Adventists Call for Legal Age to be raised to 21

Following a weekend where police arrested 737 young people in New South Wales for alcohol-fuelled violence, Seventh-day Adventists are calling Australian governments to raise the legal age for purchasing and consuming alcohol to 21.

AUC executive committee appointed

174 delegates attending the Australian Union Constituency Meetings voted an Executive Committee of 40 members (by constitution) for the next five years
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