Converge: hundreds of young people called to be followers of Jesus

This year’s event is reported to be the highest in attendees since its beginnings in 2016.

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Around 490 young adults from across Australia gathered for four days of worship, fellowship and fun at Converge youth camp.

Held at Stuarts Point Convention Centre in NSW from February 17 to 20, this year’s event is reported to be the highest in attendees since its beginnings in 2016, exceeding 500 attendees on Sabbath.

The annual event, organised by the Australian Union Conference (AUC), featured worships, workshops, beach visits, food and social activities.

Guest speakers Trans-European Division Youth Ministries director Pastor Dejan Stojkovic and Pastor Moe Stiles provided two different themes that were emphasised throughout the weekend.

Pastor Stojkovic challenged the youth to be followers of Jesus, not just fans, while Pastor Stiles spoke about what it means to neighbour well, based on the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-27. She challenged the audience to think about how they can be better neighbours to those of different faith and culture to them.

Australian Union Conference youth director Pastor Jeffrey Parker said, “It is great to see these young adults passionate about their church.” He continued, “large numbers of them are already in significant leadership positions within the Australian church.”

Greater Sydney Conference youth director Pastor Simon Gigliotti is a regular at the event and sees the impact it has on young people’s lives. “This was my sixth Converge. All the way through, the call to young people here has been to step up and live for Jesus, and in particular, to live missional lives.”

“Our team of Youth Directors are certainly inspired by this group. It’s fantastic seeing their passion for Jesus and the church,” Pastor Parker said. “Their missional focus and a real desire to reach their friends for Christ is contagious.”

“The Adventist church is in very good hands with these young adults as our present and future leaders,” Pastor Parker concluded.

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