Construction underway at Mamarapha College

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Mamarapha College has received support from churches across Australia to help fund new buildings for administration and staff.

In 2022, mission offerings were taken up to help fund the building of two general early learning areas, a computer lab, a student area, as well as the refurbishment of the administration block at Mamarapha College. 

Mamarapha College first opened its doors to Indigenous students in 1997 for those wanting to receive training in gospel ministry. Since then, more than 1500 students have graduated and are serving in remote areas as well as large urban cities. 

The new General Learning Area (GLA) facilities are designed to cater for the growth trend in enrolments and provide additional spaces to deliver new vocational courses in the future. 

The GLA was designed by specialised educational architects to provide a quality learning environment and delivery to a larger cohort of students compared to the old classroom capacity. 

The administration building has now been fitted with much-needed storage space, additional offices, a staff workroom and a Faith FM studio. The new buildings and office have been in operation since early 2023, with the final addition of a radio tower which is yet to be completed. 

According to Mamarapha principal, Pastor David Garrard, these new developments have created much excitement for students and staff. 

“Many students have commented on the computer lab which is now three times larger compared to the previous one.” He continued, “Staff have expressed their gratitude for the extra room, new equipment, and furniture.”

Pastor Garrard said, “All staff and students consider it a great privilege to be part of this significant milestone in Mamarapha’s history. We are all praising God for making our dreams come true.”

Australian Union Conference (AUC) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries (ATSIM) director pastor Darren Garlett said, “as a Church we value the work of God in the lives of people who have made a commitment to Him. Through Mamarapha College we witness this transformation happening in the lives of students each year as they embark on the study program.” 

He continued, “receiving financial support to enhance the facilities to make the Mamarapha experience even better is a real answer to prayer. We have a training centre where people can learn but it makes an impact as soon as they arrive on the campus”.  

The opening of the new buildings is planned for May 2023. 

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