Australian communication leaders meet to explore media opportunities

Communication leaders at the AUC Communications Advisory.

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Communication leaders from across Australia gathered for the Australian Union Conference (AUC) communications advisory on April 3 and 4 to discuss current projects and new opportunities in media and communications.

Held at the AUC office in Melbourne, the advisory meetings consisted of workshops, presentations, and discussions on topics such as collaboration with schools, artificial intelligence, digital discipleship, and more.

South Pacific Division communication director Tracey Bridcutt and Adventist Record assistant editor Juliana Muniz presented on crisis management and the importance of sharing news stories.

Reports were also shared by communication leaders from their respective conferences, highlighting different projects.

AUC media and communications project officer Pastor Murray Hunter said, “I am so impressed by the calibre of our conference communication directors across this Union.”

He continued, “[they are] so incredibly talented and dedicated to the missional work of the Church, across all companies. I find them an expert and inspiring team of people to work with.”

Mrs Bridcutt said, “I appreciated the opportunity to meet as church communicators to share our experiences and learnings.

“Zoom meetings are good, but nothing beats meeting up in-person. We enjoyed some dynamic discussions, and it was exciting to hear about some of the plans being developed by this group of talented and dedicated individuals,” she added.

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