Friday, February 28, 2020
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Book Review: God? Really?

As an Adventist, I thought I had all the answers. "God? Really?" made me think again.

Signs’ Norwegian book wrestles with God questions

A new book translated from Norwegian and published by Signs Publishing responds to the common atheists' critiques of faith, particularly to questions about what God is like.

Racism is atheism

"Prejudice negates any pretence of trying to believe in a God who claims to have made all people in His image," writes Nathan Brown.

Being Adventist in a post-truth world

"When the president does it, that means that it’s not illegal," said Donald Trump's senior advisor. Wow, what a post-truth world we live in . . .


Authorship determines value.

Book launch kicks off renewed student ministry

Discussions about the challenges and questions of living faith welcomed Melbourne Adventist university students to a renewed ministry to tertiary students on Friday night, February 27.

Big questions at Newcastle University outreach

"I’m an atheist. I only came for the free food," joked Andrew, 22. But he came every night, watching the Big Questions films and listening to Dr Grenville Kent’s talks on the evidence for Christianity.

A year without God

For a number of weeks he was possibly the most high profile Seventh-day Adventist on the planet, although I am not sure if he would still consider himself an Adventist.

The miraculous mind

The mind is truly a miracle and powerful evidence pointing to our intelligent Creator.

You can’t kill God

Early in April an estimated 4000 atheists met in Melbourne to talk about what they don’t believe in—God.
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