Friday, October 23, 2020
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Tag: disciple-making movement


Three men, same name. This is their story.

Resilient disciples needed

Our world is a hostile environment. In order for Christianity to survive, it needs "extremophile disciples".

Bible reading

Pastor Glenn Townend reveals the impact of Bible reading groups led by average people.

Conferences and union begin historic ‘transformation journey’

In an historic agreement, all nine of the Australian conferences and the Australian Union Conference (AUC) have united together with the aim of transforming the Church, advancing the Church’s mission and exploring potential changes in its entity and governance structures.

What is the church?

Looking for a church? Perhaps you should go home.

The shoemaker’s gift

As a boy, AUC president Jorge Munoz learned to make a pair of shoes by watching his grandfather. But what he also learned was something far more special—something of eternal significance.

Peter Roennfeldt talks disciple-making and following Jesus

After many years of ministry, evangelism, church-planting and teaching in many contexts, Peter Roennfeldt’s Following Jesus draws on this experience, as well as close study of the life and ministry of Jesus.
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